Tonymoly Mini Lip Balm Apple

The apples of your cheeks? Apples on your lips! Thanks to the Tonymoly Mini Apple Lip Balm dry lips are finally a thing of the past. Apple blossom extract is antioxidative, while the shea butter moisturiser ensures beautifully nourished, naturally shiny lips. And the best part:  natural lip care with SPF15 protects your lips from environmental stress and harmful UV rays. "Let the sun shine" is all we have to say!

What it is

Highly-moisturizing lip balm with Apple Flower Extract.

Why we love it

  • Mini green apple- shaped package 

  • Ultra moisturizing texture (no color) 

  • Real apple scent & ultra soft finish 

  • Plumps and moisturizes the lips 

  • SPF 15 for sun UV protection

Tonymoly will give you irresistible Apple Lips

  • Apple Flower: Extract Antioxidant

  • Shea Butter: Provides intense hydration


Healthy, smooth lips day after day, wherever you are! The Mini Apple Lip Balm fits in every handbag and will become your permanent beauty companion for every situation. Thanks to the fruity-sweet apple shape, this lip care is a real eye-catcher amongst all the items in the bottom of your handbag.  Apply gently to the lips as needed and massage in. What else to know: Wear it alone, below, or on top of lipstick.

Customer Reviews

Nice gift, very natural

Olivia S. (Amazon Customer) on October 6, 2018

"I gave the TONYMOLY Mini Green Apple Lip Balm as an extra gift for a money change and it was great. The product smells good but not artificial and my girlfriend, who was gifted by me, finds the lip care super!"


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A Mini Apple Lip Balm a day…

Our beauty tip for you: regular peels not only remove dead skin cells, but also dead lip cells and speed up cell renewal. Give your lips an occasional peeling as a complement to lip care and enjoy smooth and seductive lips.