Tonymoly Timeless Ferment Snail Eyecream

Enriched with 80% gold-fermented snail slime filtrate, this rich, moisturising eye cream is truly worth its weight in gold. The combination of allantoin, collagen and glycolic acid intensively cares for the delicate skin around the eyes and skilfully removes small wrinkles. Tired and flaccid eyes are brightened again and dark areas, hyperpigmentation and redness are visibly brightened. The pleasantly light consistency leaves no streaks on the skin and is quickly absorbed.

Why we love it ​

  • Provides intense hydration​

  • Soothes tired skin​

  • Brightens complexion​

  • Lightweight formula​

  • Non-tacky finish

Open your eyes - Why to use Snail Eyecream

  • Snail Mucus​: Promotes anti-aging and helps repair the skin​.

  • Centella Asiatica Extract​: Skin regeneration. Reduces the appearance ​of dark spots and scars.​

  • Grapefruit Extract​: Anti-aging, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, ​helps even skin tone and fights off free ​radicals

  • Allantoin​: Soothes tired skin and helps to restore its youtful radiance.​

  • Glycolic acid​: Brightens hyperpigmentation and evens out ​skintone.​

  • Collagen and Elastin​: Improves skin elasicity and helps skin to stand the test of time. 

Take some of the rich, intensely moisturising eye cream with your ring finger, apply to the delicate eye area and gently pat in until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin. 

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Absolutely Amazing

Judy Cory ( on October 5, 2018

"Love it!"


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Deluxe Korean facial skin care

Did you know? Each of the Tonymoly Timeless Ferment Snail products contains the specially developed, gold fermented snail slime filtrate. The production process takes 5-6 months, during which time the snails are fed fermented green tea refined with gold. In the next step, slime production is followed by extraction, filtration and another fermentation process over 365 days. This is how the particularly valuable secretion is produced that makes the Timeless Ferment Snail range and its effects unique.