Tonymoly Timeless Ferment Snail range

When it comes to skin regeneration, the snail slime filtrate is simply the beauty miracle weapon! No wonder then that Tonymoly has dedicated a whole range to the natural power ingredient. Composed of toner, emulsion, essence, eye cream, face cream, foam cleanser, lip care and hand cream as well as BB and sun cream, the Tonymoly Snail range leaves no skin care stone unturned and even gives more mature skin a youthful freshness and a radiant complexion!

Did you know? Gold's healing effects on the skin were discovered hundreds of years ago. That is why gold also enriches the unique Timeless Ferment Snail range by Tonymoly. The colloidal gold is obtained by feeding the snails with fermented green tea mixed with gold. Their valuable secretion is the skin component of the entire skin care range.