Painting Therapy - Oil Control Black Color Clay

The mask contains bamboo charcoal which helps to extract impurities and break down dead skin cells so the skin is cleansed from the inside out. Perfect for controlling sebum and oil.

How to use​

Apply the different types of clay in even layers on the skin depending on your skin problems.
Leave for 10-15 mins and wash off with warm water.
TIP: Mix and match different clays to get the best results for your skin problems.

Size: 30g

Why we love it

  • Contains bamboo charcoal  

  • Helps to extract impurities 

  • Breaks down dead skin cells

Painting Therapy

Paint your way to perfection with our colorful Painting Therapy Masks! Choose from a selection of natural clay-based masks to mix and match different formulas to address multiple skin concerns so you can tailor your own mask and have fun doing it.