Tonymoly Master Lab Caviar Sheet Mask

Pampering programme for the skin! Caviar is no longer just a delicacy for fine palates but an effective anti-ageing agent for demanding, mature skin. The luxury active ingredient from the depths of the sea contains effective amino acids and trace elements that have a nourishing and regenerative effect. Caviar extract supports the structure of the skin, effectively counteracts skin ageing and visibly smoothes small wrinkles and uneven areas. Experience indulgent moments at home!

Why we love it

  • Luxury mask for moments of wellbeing

  • With caviar extract as an effective anti-aging ingredient that regenerates the skin

  • With effective amino acids and nutrients

  • Innovative Nude Seal Technology

  • Accelerated cell metabolism, improved microcirculation

  • Refills moisture storage of the skin again

Luxury beauty moments

Caviar extract is an effective anti-aging active ingredient for demanding, mature skin.

The 3-step pampering programme for your skin: 1.) Thoroughly clean and dry the skin. 2.) Put the Tonymoly Master Lab Sheet Mask caviar on and leave to act for 20–30 minutes. 3.) Remove the rich luxury mask and gently massage excess product into the skin. 

Customer Reviews

I'm in love with these masks

Cora (Amazon customer) on October 5, 2018

I'm in love with these masks. I have used the tonymoly masks which have fruit all over them - a friend of mine is a huge fan but those never seemed to do anything for me - I still used them when we hung out just to have a nice time. When I moved, the new place I was in had a hard water problem and an environment which left my skin SUPER dry. Lucky me, I also happen to have eczema and combination skin. I was not amused. These things are absolute magic for my skin; they're the only ones I've found to have mad a significant difference for me. I use them just once a week.


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The effect of caviar on the skin

The effect of caviar on the skinThe sturgeon eggs popular with gourmets have now found their way into cosmetics and facial care. And they are here to stay. The main argument for caviar in skin care is its durability. The natural ingredients of the caviar mask speed up cell metabolism, improve microcirculation and replenish the skin's moisture reserves. This action not only means a visible rejuvenation of the skin, but also a long-term and sustainable build-up of mature skin.