Tonymoly I'm Real Tomato Sheet Mask

Until now you might only have thought about eating tomatoes. But this fruit is also a real miracle cure for your skin! The Tonymoly I'm Real Tomato Sheet Mask combines two effective, natural ingredients together: Vitamin E is an antioxidant agent for the skin that protects against UV-induced skin damage and external influences, while tomato extract makes the skin radiant and revitalises it. So that you and your skin will shine from the inside out in future!

Why we love it

  • 3-layer pulp sheet (quick absorption of key essences) 

  • Natural ingredients 

  • Different types of enriched essence for maximum hydration

Customer Reviews


Rush ( on October 4, 2018

"Could not be happier. Love the products. Make so much of a difference to my skin and they love being pampered after a long day."


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Korean Beauty Routine

Korean Face Masks are the seventh out of a total of 10 Korean Beauty Routine Steps and the heart of the Korean skin care routine. The sheet masks made of flattering skin pamper your skin with rich essences and highly effective, natural ingredients and provide intensive and lasting care. And best of all, results are not long in coming, but are visible immediately after application - and totally convincing. Experience the glow effect!

I'm Real Tomato

  • Glow

  • Vitamin E and tomato extract rid the skin of impurities and make them radiate.


A thorough cleansing of the skin is a prerequisite for a successful application. In order for the precious ingredients to develop their effect optimally, a peeling is very helpful in advance. After dead skin cells have been removed, the skin is in fact perfectly receptive. Apply Sheet Mask, let it work in and relax. Depending on the condition of the skin we recommend 1-2 applications per week.