Tonymoly I'm Real Pomegranate Sheet Mask

The triple-layer face mask soaked in Water Type Essence (link!) hits like a bomb or 'pomegrenade'! With its regenerating effect on the skin, the natural remedy pomegranate is one of the most popular natural ingredients. And rightly so, pomegranate extract ensures lasting hydration for the skin. In addition, small wrinkles are smoothed, pores are reduced and a rejuvenated, tightened complexion is revealed. Naturally beautiful! 

Why we love it

  • 3-layer pulp sheet (quick absorption of key essences) 

  • Natural ingredients 

  • Different types of enriched essence for maximum hydration

I'm Real Pomegranate – More elasticity, fewer wrinkles, intensive hydration

  • Hydration

  • Pomegranate extract ensures lasting hydration of the skin. At the same time, small wrinkles are smoothed, pores are reduced and a rejuvenated, firm complexion conjured up.

Experience truly astonishing results after only 20-30 minutes of use! Remove the pomegranate mask from the packaging and place on a clean face. Adjust the Sheet Mask to the shape of your face and sense how your skin feels immediately hydrated and soothed. While the face mask does its thing, lean back, put your feet up and relax. Afterwards, remove the mask and dispose of it. Distribute any excess essence on your face, neck and décolleté and massage in.

Customer Reviews

Cute packaging and extra moisture

Joanna Reynolds ( on October 16, 2018


"These are so fun! Cute packaging and very hydrating. I love to use these after exfoliating and putting on my serums to lock in extra moisture."


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Pomegranate for the skin – the 'pomegrenade' effect

The Tonymoly I'm Real Pomegranate Mask Sheet for more skin elasticity is one of 9 colourful, fresh and deeply effective food masks by Tonymoly. The range of Korean face masks is varied and specially adapted to the skin's different needs. Why is the pomegranate mask a must-have? Because the hydrating, firming effect of pomegranate extract is simply insane.