Tonymoly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Primer

All-day moisturizing primer for an even complexion. The foundation of a radiant complexion and flawless make-up is the right primer. What are all the things it has to be able to do? Minimise enlarged pores, conceal irregularities, mattify shiny areas and feel good on the skin at the same time. That is exactly what the Tonymoly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm does. 

Why we love it

  • Stunningly minimizes the appearance of pores 
  • Controls excessive sebum 

  • Egg yolk supplies the skin with nutrients and proteins

  •  Salt water detoxifies and purifies

  •  Niacinamide, i.e. vitamin B3, gives a glowing complexion.

1 step to silky skin - with the Silky Smooth Balm

  • Egg Yolk Extract: Maximizes skin’s moisture level and leaves skin silky smooth.

  • Sea Water: Detoxifies & relaxes the skin.

  • Niacin amide: Brightening effect.

The Tonymoly Primer was specially developed for oily skin and is the optimal foundation for any make-up. Simply apply to cleansed skin after facial care and massage in gently. Quick tip: the Silky Smooth Balm is also perfect for refreshing make-up throughout the day. Simply apply a sufficient amount of the perfecting primer to the T-zone as needed. For an immediately refreshed, matte, even complexion.

Customer Reviews

Impressed product of tony moly

Tyce Dagel (Amazon customer) on October 11, 2018

"Very impressed with this product. The only thing I didn't like was for so much packaging, there isn't a ton of product. However, you need very little to use this effectively! A lot of people said it was crumbly, and I could see why they would think that, so I let it heat up just a tiny bit on my fingers first before applying and it goes on smooth. Would definitely recommend and will buy again!"


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All-round success - eggs and Korean skin care

Korean Beauty aka the K-Beauty Movement attaches great importance to natural, highly effective ingredients. Egg yolk has very special nourishing properties for your skin: it is rich in nutrients, provides moisture, reduces the size of your pores and has a brightening effect. It is no wonder then that the Korean beauty brand Tonymoly dedicates an entire Egg Pore range to the egg.