Panda's Dream White Night Cream – A new definition of beauty sleep

NIght Cream based on berries and herbs for a luminous skin overnight. It's variety of valuable ingredients is a sly old panda and will win you over in your sleep. While raspberries, blueberries and bilberries nourish and revitalise the skin, bamboo extract provides the necessary moisture boost. The soothing effects of lavender and rosemary relax irritated skin. Niacinamide makes redness disappear, brightens dark areas and provides an even complexion that would make even Snow White pale with envy.



Why we love it

  • Lightweight texture 

  • Moisturizing and brightening 

  • For a smooth and soft skin

Key ingredients

  • Lavender, Rosemary: Soothing & relaxing

  • Niacin amid Brightening: smoothes the skin

  • Bamboo extract: Hydration

  • Blueberry, Raspberry, Black Berry: Skin revitalizing, nourishing

After cleaning your face thoroughly, apply a sufficient amount of Dream White Sleeping Pack face cream from the distinctive panda pack to face, neck and décolleté. Then gently massage in and wake up the next morning with a radiant complexion and dazzling mood.

Customer Reviews

hydrated face after usage - recommendation!!!

Liza (Amazon customer) on October 12, 2018

"I have combination skin type and I love this mask! I've been using it for about two weeks every night and It makes my face look brighter and super hydrated! I have noticed that makes my pores look smaller in the morning as well... I highly recommend this product!"


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The new type of beauty sleep

Evenly beautiful skin is no longer a pipe dream! The Panda's Dream White Sleeping Pack gives you sweet dreams and intensively regenerates your skin while sleeping. How? By providing the skin with revitalising nutrients overnight and letting it forget the strains of the day. For a relaxed and good-looking start to the day.