Panda's Dream Eye Patch – Down with dark circles around the eye

Eye patches for the dull and dark areas around the eyes. The innovative eye pads with nourishing bamboo extract ensure immediate cooling of the eye area and reduce swelling. Thanks to niacinamides, dark areas under the eyes are lightened and small wrinkles are visibly reduced. For results that are strong as a bear, immediately visible, and a noticeably refreshed complexion.


Why we love it

  • Provides a revitalizing look 

  • Hydrates the skin under the eyes 

  • Brightens up the dark areas 

  • Easy-to-use patches

Key ingredients & application

  • Bamboo extracts: Hydrating & soothing

  • Niacin amide: Brightening effect

Thoroughly clean and dry the eye area. Carefully peel off the protective film covering the eye pads. Gently place the coated side under your eyes and press lightly against the edges. Leave the Panda's Dream Eye Patches on for 15-20 minutes. After removing, gently massage in the remaining essence with your fingertips. Our tip: when applying to the delicate eye area it is best to use the ring finger. As the weakest finger, it is particularly suitable for gentle patting in.

Customer Reviews

SOFT SKIN around the eye

Gislaid (Douglas customer) on October 15, 2018


"I got them in the store because I wanted to watch for an event was surprised how effective these pads are, my allergies a little swollen eyes were not so swollen and the eye wrinkles were upholstered and the skin soft and well groomed! "


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