Bamboo Soothing Gel

Dive head first into a refreshing sea of bamboo minerals and amino acids! The Bamboo Soothing Gel made of 99% bamboo water - a real power active ingredient in skin care - refreshes, cools and flatters the face and body from the first drop. Experience relaxation for skin and soul, deep regeneration, intensive hydration from head to toe and Korean Beauty at its freshest!

Why we love it

  • 18 different kinds of minerals and amino acids

  • Intense hydration

  • Skin relief

  • Flawless complexion

  • Can be applied to any part of the body

  • Instant freshness and revitalization

Intensive skin care made easy

The Bamboo extract from the Damyang plant is extremely rich in minerals and amino acids that help hydrate and soothe the skin.

Apply a sufficient amount of Tonymoly Bamboo Soothing Gel to areas of dry skin and distribute evenly. The cooling bamboo moisturiser is oil-free and can be used on the face as well as on the body.

Customer Reviews

helped me to keep the moisture

Karen Amazon (customer) on October 21, 2018

"Product/bottle was Way bigger than I expected, so definitely bang for your buck. The 'water' itself is very cool and light. I think you could put it on at any time, but I usually did a toner and this afterward to help keep the moisture in. Is clear and dries quick. I'll definitely be keeping it in my collection"


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Bamboo – naturally refreshing

Get the ultimate boost of freshness for your skin! Tonymoly's Bamboo collection is rich in amino acids and highly mineralised bamboo water from the depths of South Korea's Jungnogwon bamboo forest. The skin-friendly, natural moisturiser soothes and relaxes irritated skin and leaves skin feeling pleasant and revitalised from the first application!