Bbo Bbo Lip Balm Honey

Lip care with honey for dry, brittle and chapped lips. Honey to combat dry lips is one of the oldest home remedies ever - and with good reason! Tonymoly is also aware of the beneficial effect of honey and with this lip balm bets everything on a honey-sweet ticket: royal jelly. The queen bee larval food with vitamin B complex, amino acids and enzymes has a natural antibacterial and intensively moisturising effect. For irresistibly beautiful, fuller lips and shimmering shine.


Why we love it

  • Intensive care 

  • Shimmering effect 

  • Fuller lips 

  • Honey sweet scent 

  • Colorless, soft-melting texture

Kissable lips à la Tonymoly

Royal Jelly, or Queen Bee Juice, with Vitamin B Complex, Amino Acids and Enzymes is naturally antibacterial and intensively caring.

For immediately spruced up puckered lips, apply a generous amount of Tonymoly Honey Lip Care to cracked, dry or chapped lips and massage in using a circular motion. The Bbo Bbo Lip Balm Honey provides healthy lips with an additional portion of moisture and a subtle shine. Can be used as often as desired.

Customer Reviews

Nice lips

Lindy ( on October 22, 2018

"Lips were very soft and moist. Feel really nice and soothing."


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Say goodbye to dry lips with one kiss

Fun Fact: 'Bbo Bbo' is the Korean word for 'kiss'. True to this motto, the packaging of lip care with honey is therefore designed as sexy puckered lips in rich red. Temptingly good!