Banana Lip Balm

We would love to eat this lip balm if we could! The bright yellow, handy design immediately catches the eye in every handbag and becomes a trendy accessory. The milk proteins and ceramides contained in the natural lip care intensively moisturise your lips always and everywhere, while coconut oil builds up a protective film that protects sensitive lips from external factors. Banana extract provides a deliciously fragrant, shiny finish!Nourishing Banana Lip Balm.

Why we love it

  • Provides intense moisture

  • Deliciously scented

  • Ultra nourishing finish

  • For super soft lips

Good for kissing - Korean lip care in banana form

  • Banana extract: Nourishing & moisturizing

  • Milk Proteins: Smoothes the skin texture Replenishes lost moisture

  • Ceramide: Intense hydration

  • Coconutoil: Strengthens the natural moisture barrier Protects the lips against environmental damages

Apply a sufficient amount of Tonymoly Lip Balm evenly to the lips and enjoy seductively shiny, fragrant and groomed lips - on the go and at home!

Customer Reviews


Kagura (Douglas customer) on October 1, 2018


Have been looking for a lip balm for a long time, which would be appropriate for the winter, but now I have come across Tony moly and can not complain!" The tube is small, but very productive. My lips were cracked, brittle, dry. Could not just make lipstick jobs without seeing the rest of the scales :( After the first few jobs that actually worked! And my lips are not brittle anymore (exceeded my expectations) have already tried a lot on lip balms, but this is my favorite! Smells very pleasant after banana :) I would order again and again! I ordered the handbalm right away, it's only recommended.


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