Tonymoly Bbo Bbo Lip Balm Blueberry

Lip balm with blueberry extract for dry, brittle and chapped lip. Natural lip care with the best of the blueberry packed into the sexy Tonymoly puckered lips - this is the Bbo Bbo Blueberry Lip Balm! Blueberry extract helps combat dry lips, is antioxidative and revitalising and also has an anti-ageing effect. The colourless, easily blended texture of Tonymoly Lip Balm leaves lips fuller with a healthy, silky shimmer. Kissing allowed!


Why we love it

  • Intensive care

  • Shimmering effect

  • Fuller lips

  • Sweet, fruity blueberry scent

  • Colorless, soft-melting texture

Kissable application tips & ingredients

Blueberry extract moisturizes dry lip, has an antioxidant and revitalizing effect and also has an anti-aging effect.

Do your lips need more moisture? Volume? Shine? Simply apply a sufficient amount of Tonymoly Bbo Bbo Blueberry Lip Balm and immediately experience softer, subtly shiny lips - and never go without again. Repeat application as often as required.

Customer Reviews

Best lip balm I have ever tried

Trisha P. ( on October 11, 2018

"Originally found them on Sephora's site and fell in love, so I was heartbroken when they disappeared. so when I came across this site and saw that they had them on here I purchased more and re-found my obsession, with one of the best lip balms that I have ever found. that also smells absolutely amazing, and the fact that it smells and tastes like honey is my favorite. ;)"


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Our insider tip for real Korean Beauty Junkies: To make your lips even softer in the future, we recommend a lip peel once a week. It is not only your skin but your lips too that will be happy when dead cells are regularly removed. So that lips and skin shine equally thanks to natural cell renewal!