Why we love Korean skin care

Our skin is not for nothing referred to as a mirror of the soul & health. Radiant, beautiful skin is associated with health, vitality and youthfulness. And who does not want to radiate these qualities? Not only in Asia immaculate porcelain skin is considered the beauty ideal par excellence. Also in Europe more and more women and men strive for a firm non-porous and smooth skin with an irresistible glow. Korean skincare has a long tradition and has always had a high social status in Asia. She knows how to combine science and nature like no other and to produce light highly effective products from natural ingredients. For facial care that not only feels good but actually delivers what it promises to a fair price.

Is there a difference between European and Asian facial care?

Asian beauty secrets are deeply rooted in nature. The main difference between European and Asian facial care is thus in the active ingredients processed therein. Korean Beauty avoids chemical ingredients and focuses entirely on natural ingredients that have been proven in skin care for centuries. These include vitamin B3, valuable oils and extracts from typical Asian plants as well as effective active ingredients from fermented soybeans, ginger, bamboo, green tea or ginseng. All products are very moisturizing without leaving a greasy film on the skin. In addition, Asian facial care is usually dedicated to a specific skin condition and serves a very broad spectrum. From oily and large-pored skin, to dryness, to acne and sensitive skin, there is the right care for every skin type. Unlike European facial care, Korean skincare products are usually sweet and lavishly packaged to catch the eye in the shop and in the home bathroom.

Why are Korean sheet masks aka sheet masks an absolute beauty must-have?

Korean Beauty attaches more importance to skincare than to make-up. That's why the Korean skin care routine also regularly provides extra care for the skin. And this is where Korean sheet masks come into play. Facial masks are very popular because of the high concentration of natural active ingredients as well as the ease of use and the immediately visible positive results. They are usually made of comfortable materials such as cotton or viscose, refresh the skin sustainably, moisturize and leave an unrivaled a glow effect at home and when traveling. And best of all, thanks to the relaxing application, you can enjoy a personal spa break at home.

What's up with the 10 Steps of Korean Beauty

The 10 Step Korean skin care routine is currently a controversially discussed trend topic. What is behind it? Ten consecutive steps of daily facial care, the so-called Korean layering method, which optimally provide the skin with the best possible care. Korean women usually start as early as in their teens. Find out more here.